Seattle Studio Space, LLC is a community-based resource providing a state-of-the-art Internet broadcast studio to an array of commercial, academic, medical, nonprofit, arts and entertainment entities in the Pacific Northwest. 

Our 3600sf studio, centrally located on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, has been outfitted with $250,000 in state of the art video, sound, recording, digital and encoding equipment, as well as numerous high-end computers, which provides each of our clients a global reach at Internet speed. 

Whether it is for Intranet – serving a limited number of consumers, or for internet – serving millions of consumers, webcasting offers our clients customized broadcasting capability and leverages it to the web.  It is both a cost-efficient and a powerful online public relations strategy.


Seattle Studio Space is able to provide live broadcasts of a

  • Press event
  • Teleconference
  • Class
  • Roundtable discussion
  • Multimedia presentation
  • In-service training
  • Art piece
  • Live performance

over the web as it happens. 

This will increase our client’s potential audience from local and/or regional to national and/or global.  Our solution provides professional quality broadcasts at a fraction of what it would cost to produce a similar event using traditional media.  And we provide all this while maintaining the intimacy, security and convenience associated with a personal computer.

Seattle Studio Space (SSS) is the only independent webcasting studio space north of Los Angeles, and is one of only a handful of Internet broadcasting studios in the country.

We are able to produce, shoot and edit our clients’ materials.  Whether it is a news story, medical procedure, a public service announcement, a product launch, or supporting materials for an online media tour, Seattle Studio Space provides our clients with a full-service production and post-production facility.

We also have a 1500sf still photography studio on site.  And a gallery featuring some of the Northwest most promising and talented young photographers.

Internet broadcasting (a.k.a. netcasting, webcasting, streaming media) is the transmission of live or prerecorded audio or video to personal computers that are connected to the Internet.  Similar to TV or radio, webcasting provides “one to many” communications.

Streaming media technologies transmit audio and video from a centralized source, known as a server, to a client on a personal computer, known as a media player.  When the user requests a streaming media file (say a live feed), the server sends a stream of data to the media player where the data plays as it is received.

We accommodate Windows Media, Real Network, and QuickTime formats and we do so at multiple connection speeds.

Our partnership with Online Video Service, a recognized leader in webcasting solutions, makes webcasting easy. We save you time and money.  And we ensure the highest-quality streaming of your valuable video, audio or other multimedia content.